Personal Shopping | One of my favourite things to do is shopping!
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Personal Shopping

Do you know that feeling when strolling through the city, desperate to buy a new outfit but no idea what fits your personality and what looks good on you? If the answer is yes, I might be your hero! One of my favourite things to do is shopping and I also happen to be very good at it, or so I’ve heard.

We will start the day with a nice cup of coffee to get to know each other. I will also analyse your figure and check what colours match your skin. After that it’s time to shop! We will shop together, I’ll show you what pieces and outfits I would select for you, how you can decide what to choose and I will advise you on how to create outfits and a personal style with the pieces you pick yourself.

We all go through several phases in our lives. Whether it’s a new job, expecting a little one, or you just lost a lot of weight and are having a little ‘who-is-this-new-person’ crisis. And then of course we all have some special moments in our life, like a job interview or a wedding, where we just want to look our very best. In all these situations I am here to help you look your absolute best al while still feeling comfortable.

Curious? Feel free to contact me and schedule an appointment – of course without any commitments – to see what we can make happen together.


Kris van den Oetelaar